LeBron James Goes Undercover at Pizza Place, Gets Mistaken for Dwyane Wade

LeBron James went mostly unnoticed while going undercover at a pizza place.

LeBron James went mostly unnoticed while posing as a pizza place worker, serving up sauce to unknowing customers.

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“We got spicy sauce, we got regular sauce, we got pesto sauce,” the basketball star told one customer, who did a double take, but still didn’t recognize him, according to a video posted on YouTube. 

I love spicy sauce, but you might not be a spicy guy,” said the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

“Spicy, man,” said the customer.

“You look very familiar,” said another customer.

“He looks like Dwyane [Wade],” said another, referring to the Miami Heat basketball player.

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“I get that a lot,” quipped James. “I’ve heard of that guy.”

When talking to a customer about basketball, James acted as if he knew nothing about the sport.

He left the pizza place without anyone figuring out who he really was. 

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