Man Hacked to Death With an Ax After Argument Over Beer and Lottery Tickets: Cops

Police say Joseph Robinson killed John Stubbs, 69, in a surprise attack with an ax on Friday.

A Florida man was jailed Friday after police say he killed another man in a surprise ax attack.

John Stubbs, 69, was killed Friday after police say he was hacked to death by 48-year-old Joseph Robinson.

In an even darker twist, Robinson allegedly committed the heinous crime following a squabble over beer and lottery tickets.

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Witnesses told WFTV the fight broke out around 3 p.m. and escalated after Stubbs tried to walk away.

Police say that's when Robinson found the ax, walked up to Stubbs and attacked him from behind.

“He came up behind the truck and ‘woop, woop’ twice,” one witness told WFTV.

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Stubbs was rushed to an area hospital, where he died.

Witnesses helped identify Robinson as the suspect. Following a 6-hour search, he was arrested.

Robinson was booked in the Orange County Jail and has since been charged with capital murder, according to Orange County court records. 

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