Is Laura Bush Voting for Hillary? Former First Lady Hints She'd Prefer Clinton Over Trump

Laura Bush, wife of Republican George W., told the Women in the World Summit that she wants the next president to be "interested in women in Afghanistan."

Will Laura Bush secretly be voting for Hillary Clinton?

That's what some people who heard the former first lady's comments at the recent Women in the World Summit in New York are saying.

While the summit was meant to focus primarily on women's issues around the world, the highly contentious and widely criticized tone of this year's presidential election--specifically on the Republican side--was frequently addressed.

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"I want our next president – whoever he or she might be – to be somebody who is interested in women in Afghanistan and who will continue US policies… that we continue to do what we're committed to do as a country,” Bush, 69, told Savannah Guthrie.

At first blush, this response comes as no surprise since Bush recently published a book about Afghan women and has long made their cause one of her central issues.

However, the writing on the wall--or in this case, the book--isn't hard to read.

Right on the cover of Bush's tome, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton gushes over Bush with the blurb, "“For over a decade, Laura Bush has been an ally and advocate for the women of Afghanistan and, in particular, has worked to ensure that the voices of Afghan women are heard."

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Meanwhile, Clinton's potential rival in the general election, Donald Trump, has been frequently called both mysogynistic and weak on international issues.

Mrs. Bush, whose husband is a life-long Republican but who was raised a Democrat, did not go so far as to directly criticize Trump or endorse any candidate.

She told Guthrie:

“That's who I want - or the kind of people that will do that and will pay attention to our history, and know what's what's happened before and know specifically how we can continue to do the good things that we do around the world.”

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