Goat Escapes Its Home, Wanders Into Starbucks

The goat wandered into a local Starbucks and needed a pick-me-up.

Did you hear the one about a goat who went to Starbucks for coffee?

While it may sound like a bad joke, police in Northern California said a goat roamed into a Starbucks on Sunday.

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Workers at the local coffee chain in Rohnert Park tried to give the wayward animal a banana, however, it opted for a box to chew on instead.

The Rohnert Park Police Department posted the encounter on Facebook.


What next?! We're open Sunday's 1-4:30, can do returns on Monday & Tuesday by appointment. Call 584-1582 if you recognize this guy! #sonomacountylostpets.

Posted by Rohnert Park Animal Shelter on Sunday, April 10, 2016

After a little coaxing, they were able to catch the goat and turn it over to animal control.

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A few hours after being in animal control custody, the owners came to collect the pygmy goat named Millie. She even went home with a new collar and name tag.


Millie, an 11-year-old pygmy goat sure had an adventure today! She broke loose from her Penngrove home and headed for a...

Posted by Rohnert Park Animal Shelter on Sunday, April 10, 2016

According to reports, the goat lives just a few doors away from the Starbucks.

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