Ruh Roh! Owners Return Home to Discover Mischievous Dog Found Their Calligraphy Ink

Videos of canine chaos are lighting up the internet.

A loveable huskie managed to find a container of black calligraphy ink when his owners were out of the house.

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The dog decided to try to become the next Picasso and dipped its paws in the ink and walk around, leaving prints everywhere.

The owners came home to find the trail of black paw prints across the floor.

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Images of the paw prints have gathered over two million views since they were posted online a week ago. The floors have since been clean and according to Reddit users, the ink is not toxic to dogs. 

Photos like the paw prints are becoming internet sensations as videos and pictures of canine chaos lights up social media.

“That dog might have just been bored and curious and sitting at home and 'Oh, I wonder what's in here?’" Dog trainer Laura Nativo told INSIDE EDITION.

Nativo says making a mess is a dog's idea of having fun.

“To them, playing with a pillow, they might think: 'Oh my God this is the most fun I’ve ever had. I've got all of the feathers out of the pillow.' And in their brain they've just had a fantastic day,” she said.

In 2012, an owner came home to what was once his favorite bean bang chair that was ripped apart to shreds thanks to his pooch.


So how do you avoid a messy doggie disaster? Nativo says keep your dog busy, even when he's home alone.

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There are all sorts of cool new toys for sale that will keep him happily occupied while you're out and about, including a ball filled with healthy doggie treats that rewards a pooch for playing with the toy.

The longer the dog rolls it, the more tasty snacks they get.

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