Homeowner Thwarts Robbers After Watching Live Video Of Break-In

Damien Girard even watched as his dog happily accepted treats from the suspects.

When two alleged thieves smashed the glass of a homeowner’s back door, they had no idea it triggered a surveillance system that recorded their every move.

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The glass activated the home surveillance system and sent an alert to Massachusetts homeowner Damien Girard's work computer.

The graphic designer, who works five minutes from his home, was able to watch the robbery as it was happening.

He even watched his dog take a treat from the alleged home invaders so it would stay quiet.

“My heart dropped actually,” he told IE. “It took me a second to process the whole thing. I stood right up and said: ‘My house is being robbed,' as I was running out the door calling 911.”

He told the 911 dispatcher that his home was being invaded by two individuals as he watched live. Cops arrived at the home with guns drawn and headed straight upstairs to bust one of the suspects. The other suspect jumped out the window.

Damien actually helped capture him.

“I saw him running across the back yard, they apprehended him a few blocks away,” he said.

The other suspect was escorted down the steps and out of the house.

When the officer told the suspect “you broke into the house,” he replied: “I didn’t break anything.”

Jay Burtch, 29, and Brian Chandanais, 28, were arrested and face charges of breaking and entering.

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Girard said: “It's disappointing on how brazen they are and how little respect they have for other people and other people's property.”

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