Prank Leads Burger King Workers In Three States to Smash Out Restaurant Windows

Prank calls to Burger Kings in California, Oklahoma and Minnesota have convinced workers to smash out the glass to save their lives from deadly gas.

A bizarre and mean-spirited prank has targeted Burger Kings in at least three states, where staff were told to smash out the restaurant windows to save them from deadly gas leaks.

Most recently, the pranksters targeted a Coon Rapids Burger King. On Friday night, the location got a call from a man claiming to be a firefighter who told employees their lives were in danger due to high gas levels in the building.

To prevent the gas from reaching explosive levels, the workers were told to smash out the windows. Panicked and fearing for their lives, the employees smashed out the windows from the outside with a tire iron, according to reports.

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"He was pretty convincing, at least to the manager," Coon Rapids Police Capt. Tom Hawley told INSIDE EDITION. "She was convinced the building would explode."

Strange as the prank sounds, it's not the first one just like it pulled on a Burger King. Just the day before, workers at a Shawnee, Oklahoma Burger King were told by a caller that high carbon monoxide levels were building up inside the restaurant. 

The Oklahoma staff members ended up smashing out windows with chairs.

After the glass is picked up, the restaurants are left to contend with the damage and the costs

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The damage to the Oklahoma store is estimated at $10,000. A similar incident at a California Burger King caused $35,000 in damage.

In response to the ongoing pranks, Coon Rapids police issued a statement saying they “WOULD NEVER call a residence or business to ask them to take action of any kind."

The statement continued: “Calls for service come into the 911 dispatch system from someone calling to report a problem, and only then do police, fire and emergency responders respond.

"In the event you receive a call from someone claiming to be from a police or fire agency asking you to take some kind of action, consider it a prank and call 911 immediately."

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