Sarah Palin Kicks Off Her New Book Tour

Speculation of a 2012 Presidential campaign for Sarah Palin grows as she began her 13-state book tour of America's heartland to promote her new book. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Sarah Palin was signing copies of her new book in Phoenix, Arizona and missed most of Bristol's appearance on the finale of Dancing With the Stars.

Palin said, "I haven't talked to her yet. We just watched it though. We watched the tail end of it, and I can't wait to talk to her."

Palin said she's proud of Bristol's performances, saying, "This is all about work ethic and perseverance, and no, I couldn't be prouder."

And she congratulated winner Jennifer Grey on Twitter, writing: What a great ride! Congrats Jen!

Phoenix was the first stop on a 13-state book tour of America's heartland, including two stops in Iowa, a crucial caucus state if she runs for President in 2012. Some supporters waited up to 17 hours to see her.

INSIDE EDITION asked, "Do you hope that President Obama will read your book?"

"Sure! I would hope that he'd read my book, but I wouldn't be betting on it," said Palin.

Palin famously told Barbara Walters last week she could beat President Obama. When Walters asked if Palin thought she could beat Obama, she replied, "I believe so."

But here's what happened when Walters asked the President about that in a Thanksgiving special airing Friday.

"I don't speculate about what's going to happen two years from now," said President Obama.

Walters asked, "Mr. President, you will not tell me that you think you can beat Sarah Palin?"

"What I'm saying is, I don't think about Sarah Palin," replied President Obama.

Walters said, "Shall we ask your better half - and a lot of people feel she is your better half?"

"Absolutely," said the President.