'Video Vigilante' Records Detroit Hometown That Looks Like 'Walking Dead' Set

A man is recording the disastrous state of his hometown in Detroit to try and shame people who are making things worse.

One man is trying to change his neighborhood by videotaping it. 

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Jonathan Pommerville has lived in the Brightmoor section of Detroit all of his life. It was once a tidy neighborhood that was home to the auto industry and factory workers.

The streets of the town are now mostly empty and homes are either boarded up or burned out.

Many of his neighbors may have moved, but the 35-year-old says he's staying put and he's determined to clean up his neighborhood.

Armed with a camera, he posts videos online as a warning to criminals that if they come to his part of town, they risk public exposure

“I’m the video vigilante of Brightmoor. You come into my neighborhood picking up hookers or dumping trash, you're going on YouTube,” he told IE.

Neighbors alert him to signs of trouble, especially with one of the town's major issues - illegal dumping.

"You need to pick everything up that you just put out there and put it back in your truck. You are not dumping here. You're about to go on YouTube, my friend,” he told one man.

He also knocks on doors to check for squatters.

IE was with him when he walked the halls of his old elementary school. 

It  looks like a warzone, and in some cases, a set for The Walking Dead.

During our tour, he noticed something on the ground. “What we got is a 9mm round that we found here on the ground, so looks like someone's been shooting in here.”

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He calls the condition of the school “unbelievable.”

Neighbors such as retired nurse John O'Mally are thankful. He embraced Pommerville and thanked him for all of the work he is doing.

Things may be looking up for the neighborhood as new homes are beginning to spring up and college students from University of Michigan's Ross School of Business are volunteering are pitching in.

“There is hope for Detroit,” he said.

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