Rival Restaurant Offers DC Hamburglar Free Food For A Year

After surveillance footage caught a man sneaking into a Washington restaurant to make a burger, a rival burger joint has issued the offer.

After surveillance footage caught a man sneaking into a Washington, DC restaurant to make a burger after closing, a rival burger joint has issued the alleged criminal a mouth-watering offer.

Metropolitan Police released footage over the weekend of what they say is a man in a fedora hiding inside a Five Guys during a delivery and then emerging to grill a burger when the coast is clear.

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This week, the president of Connecticut-based Wayback Burgers offered the man dubbed DC's "Hamburglar" an incentive to come forward: free burgers for a year.

"To that gentleman, I’d like to say that we all make mistakes – from committing this illegal act to your choice of burgers," President John Eucalitto joked in a statement. “I strongly encourage you to do the right thing and turn yourself in right away."

In the video, the man appears to chat on his phone and drink a beverage during the bizarre break-in.

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"[He] rummaged through the establishment, cooked food, and stole bottled water before leaving the restaurant," police said in a statement on Sunday.

It is unclear from the video if the suspect ever ate the burgers, but the man was inside the establishment for around two hours, according to police

Anyone with information about the person seen in the video is asked to contact Metropolitan Police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department's TEXT TIP LINE to 50411.

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