Melania Begs For Nicer Campaign Language as the Trump Clan Sounds Off in Town Hall

The Trump family came out to support the GOP frontrunner in a CNN town hall.

Donald Trump's family came out in force to show the softer, gentler side of the GOP front runner.

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They all praised the patriarch during a CNN town hall moderated by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night. But his wife Melania did have one criticism on how he runs his campaign.

She said she would like Donald “to use nice language sometimes. Better language.”

Daughter Ivanka, 34, who gave birth two weeks ago, was there with her stepmother and brothers Donald Jr., 38, and Eric, 32. Also in attendance was their half-sister Tiffany, 22.

Ivanka defended her father after many called him misogynistic.

“He believes in inspiring women, empowering women, he always taught me there was nothing I couldn't do,” she said. “The type of father he was to daughter, to daughters, evidences how he feels about our gender in general.”

Eric chimed in to say: “Now you see us by his side every single day, because it's something we love doing, we truly love the man to death.”

Tiffany had some inspiring words for her father: “Whenever my father puts his heart and soul into something he goes full force."

Ivanka dodged questions about whether the campaign has put a strain on her friendship Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea.

“Well, look, we're children and we love our parents so that's the great equalizer and that's the great common ground, so I’m incredibly proud of my father. I'm amazed and truly in awe of what he's accomplished,” she said. “I think she would probably say the same about her mother, so she's probably very proud of her mother and we certainly would share that I would think. “

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Ivanka and Eric also tried to explain how they missed the deadline to register to vote in next week’s New York Republican primary.

“It was our first foray into politics; we didn't realize how the whole system worked,” Eric said.

“We haven't been in politics very long,” Ivanka said. “New York has one of the most onerous rules in terms of registration.”

But, some are saying that's not the case.

Michael D'Antonio, a Donald Trump biographer, told CNN on Wednesday morning: “The whole line about why they didn't register vote was false. You can register to vote in New York State until 25 days before the election, before the primary.”

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