6-Year-Old Girl Uses Her Little Arms to Rescue 8 Ducklings Stuck in Drain Pipe

When Mia Rabii got home that night, she changed her dream career from 'rock star' to 'veterinarian'.

Sometimes size makes all the difference.

Six-year-old Mia and her mom Skye Rabii were in Laguna Hills in California when they were flagged down by another family who noticed a pair of ducks in distress.

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According to Rabii, the family knew something was wrong when they noticed a mother duck with only one duckling by her side.

Ducks often have more than one offspring, and according to Rabii, the family said they realized the rest of the ducklings must have fallen into the drain pipe. They able to pull one duckling out, but were not able to reach far enough down the pipe for the rest.

Rabii then thought of her daughter, who had much slimmer arms than the adults on-scene.

"I reminded Mia that she said she always wanted to be a veterinarian," Rabii told InsideEdition.com. "Veterinarians always help people when they can and this was her chance to help animals in trouble."

Rabii told us that her daughter immediately responded: "I can do it!"

In a YouTube video of the event that Rabii recorded, Mia can be seen reaching her slender arms into the pipe, and pulling the quacking ducklings out one at a time.

"She walked them all to the mama duck who was so relieved," Rabii recalled. "The father duck was standing by, not moving, until he saw his whole family."

The property management soon picked up on the problem and closed up the drain pipe.

"The exciting thing was that [the property management] found two more ducklings alive that must have wandered further down the pipe," Rabii told IE.com. "We didn't know they were there and happily, they were rescued too."

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Because of the 6-year-old's heroic actions, Rabii said her daughter will be awarded Student of the Week at her school.

The 6-year-old even changed her career choice from 'rock star' to 'veterinarian'.

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