Will Smith's Dad: My Son Wasn't Holding a Gun When He Was Killed

The dad of the former NFL star is speaking out in defense of his son.

The father of slain former NFL star Will Smith is speaking out and is defending his son.

The grieving Will Smith Sr., told WRAL: “My son may have gotten out of his car with a big mouth, but he did not get out with a gun.”

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Surveillance video taken from a restaurant on Saturday night showed what appeared to be Smith's Mercedes SUV rear-ending a Hummer. The Hummer, driven by accused shooter Cardell Hayes, pulled over. The Mercedes took off and the Hummer gives chase.

Moments later, cops say the Hummer hit the Mercedes. Angry words erupted and Smith was shot dead.

The suspect's lawyer claims Hayes was acting in self-defense.

On Wednesday, the Smith family lawyer, Peter Thomson, says the beloved football star did not provoke the shooting.

Thomson said that there are “lies and factual distortions of what occurred that night that have been perpetuated by the killer.”

Police said Tuesday that Smith had a loaded 9 mm handgun inside his Mercedes. Officers also found a loaded revolver inside Hayes' Hummer, but neither of those weapons was involved in the shooting, police said. A different handgun was used to shoot Smith, according to police.

Thomson said: “At no time during this event did Will Smith ever brandish or carry on his person a firearm. That firearm was in the vehicle; it was never taken out, never brandished, never fired.”

Smith's lawyer also said his client was shot up to six to eight times in the back.

“I can tell you the killer showed no remorse whatsoever, and actually stood over Will Smith’s dead body as his wife crawled away,” he added.

 In the heartfelt interview Smith's father says his son was a good person.

“I raised a young man, a productive citizen, a person that cares about other people,” he said.

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"I can forgive him [Hayes] for killing my child, but he killed my child—I will never forget,” Smith Sr. said. “Nobody has the right to kill anyone."

Kim Kardashian was seen leaving a New Orleans hospital on Wednesday, where her friend, Smith's wife, is being treated for gunshot wounds.

Raquel Smith was shot in both legs during the incident.

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