Couple: Worker Hit Our Dogs With a Pipe Wrench While Our Children Watched

A couple says a worker attacked their dogs after he entered their yard.

The owners of two dogs are speaking out about injuries their animals sustained, allegedly from a utility worker.

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Homeowner Mike Willcox told IE: "When I saw the video it made me sick to my stomach."

The video apparently shows the employee hitting two dogs with a pipe wrench. It was posted online over the weekend. The worker says he was acting in self defense. 

"These are our family pets and they mean a lot to us, we are glad we didn't lose them," Mike said.

The worker appeared in the backyard to disconnect the Texas family's gas, allegedly for non-payment.

As he walked by the pool, the dogs named Flash and Shutter, came up to him and that is when things got out of control.

In the video, Flash appears to get slammed on the side of the head with a wrench, and Shutter apparently was hit as well.

Marina Willcox says she and their sons, four year old mason and 18-month-old Miles, watched everything from the window.

"I was terrified, I was scared, I had no idea who was here," she said.

In the video, Marina can be seen approaching her pets to check out their injuries. She wiped blood from one dog.

Mike Willcox says the gas bill hadn't been paid because of a mix-up with their direct-pay account.

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The worker's boss is now accusing the family of setting the dogs on him, which the family denies.

"When the dogs came out after him, and (he) was swinging his wrench, we had no idea who he was," Mike Willcox said. "The dogs were there sleeping. The guy woke them up himself and startled them. We gave the dogs no command whatsoever."

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