'Millionaire' Freaks Out on Plane After Passenger Jokes that Flight Attendant Has Bomb

A man was kicked off a plane after he became confrontational with fellow passengers.

A man appears to take obnoxiousness to a new level in a video capturing his wild confrontations with fellow airline passengers. 

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“I'm 28. I make $4 million a year! What do you do?” he yelled.

“You're right. I'm a loser. I own six houses. I'm a ---- loser,” he said sarcastically.

We're never going to get there, nerd!” one person yelled.

“Nerd? Okay, look to yourself, sir. Mr. Bald can't grow a set of hair!” said the unruly man.

It all went down on a JetBlue flight last week from Los Angeles to Sacramento. Passenger Sara Bear captured it on her cellphone.

“I seriously thought he was going to do something dangerous,” she said.

Bear said the freak out started all because another passenger made a wisecrack that a flight attendant  had a bomb.

“I want to leave,” said the man, whose name is David Brackett

“We're working on that. We have to go back to the gate. You need to sit down until we can open the door,” he was told.

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The tension escalated - and that's when another passenger grabbed him.

“Touch me again and see what happens!” he screamed.

“Tell him to sit down or I'm gonna kick his a**,” a passenger says.

The plane returned to the gate and Brackett was escorted off, much to the relief of the other passengers.

As he left, he delivered one more boast.

“I have 20/20 vision with a 176 IQ,” he said.

The man works at a mortgage company, and despite bragging that he makes four million dollars a year, he now admits he earns nowhere near that  amount, nor does he own six homes.

"I'm standing up for my mistakes. I'm not blaming anybody but myself for the actions,” he said in a public apology.

Bracket claims he suffers from PTSD after being injured in a bad motorcycle accident. He was tested for alcohol on the scene but was found to be under the legal limit. He was not charged. 

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