Ted Cruz's Daughters Reveal Who They'd Like to Visit at the White House if He Wins

While Ted Cruz was talking politics at a CNN Town Hall, it was his daughters that got everyone's attention.

Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi appeared on a CNN Town Hall - but it was their daughters who stole the show.

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Caroline, 8, and Catherine, 5, appeared with their parents with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night.

The girls were asked who they would want to have dinner with at the White House if their father is elected president.

They were both shy to answer, so their mom said: “The girls would love to have their first guest be Taylor Swift.”

The girls were asked what their favorite Swift songs were. 

"I like all of the songs," Caroline said. She then listed her top three tracks from the singer: "Bad Blood," "Blank Space" and "Wildest Dreams."

Cooper asked Caroline, who is celebrating a birthday on Thursday: “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

“I wanted the American Girl doll Julie, and I’m going to have a build-a-bear party,” she responded.

While the little ladies' charm became a highlight of the night, their father did talk about his campaign.

"In the last three weeks, there have been 11 elections in four states. And we have beaten Donald in all of 11 of them," Cruz said. "He's unhappy about that."

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He added: “Anyone who knows anything about Washington knows the establishment is not rooting for me. The rules are simple, the way you get elected is you win a majority of the delegates in the elections. I think the way you win is you make the case to the voters and you win their votes."

Cruz also said that he would consider former GOP rival Marco Rubio as his running mate should he win the party’s nomination.

“He is someone that you would be a fool not to look at, he is very, very talented," Cruz said. "I think very highly of Marco, he is an amazing communicator."

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