Brawl in Brooklyn! Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Spar During Democratic Debate

It was a furious night at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and no one came out on top.

There was a raucous brawl in Brooklyn on Thursday night as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders went toe-to-toe in the Democratic debate.

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Supporters cheered and jeered as Clinton and Sanders sparred inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the final debate ahead of next Tuesday's primary in New York.

They slugged it out over Wall Street.

Clinton said: “I stood up against the behaviors of the banks when I was a senator. I called them out on their mortgage behavior.”

Sanders rebutted: “Secretary Clinton called them out. Oh, my goodness. They must have been really crushed by this. Was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements to them?”

But Clinton also fired back at Sanders, saying: “It's easy to diagnose the problem. It's another thing to do something about it.”

The duo also clashed over Israel, showing their different sides to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Sanders, who labels himself “pro-Israel” also said that the Palestinian people need to be treated with respect and dignity.

“We cannot continue to be one-sided,” he said.

Clinton responded that she has experience in the area following her role as secretary of state and how she helped organize a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in 2012.

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The candidates also sparred on other issues such as gun control, abortion and climate change. There was no clear cut winner of the night, as many pundits called it an even draw.

IE spoke with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“I thought it was a good debate," he said. "I thought there was a lot of energy. I thought Hillary did very well."

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