Fake Burglar Tests How Dogs React During Break In

Homeowners were shocked by their dogs' reactions.

When a team of burglars broke into a New Jersey home, footage showed the dogs inside wagging their tails instead of attacking.

The thieves, who broke into the home on Tuesday morning, made off with a sack of valuables the dogs just watched from the sofa. 

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In a second video from earlier this week, two burglars in Massachusetts gave a cookie to a dog named Chloe, subduing her.

Mike D'Abruzzo, who trains guard dogs, showed IE how household pets react when burglars break in.

"Most people really do not know what their dogs would do," he said. 

Wearing precautionary protective gear, D'Abruzzo "broke" into a house, with permission of the homeowners to see how the dogs react. The homeowners expected their dogs to tear him apart.

The "burglar" was met by barking but soon enough, the dogs wandered off D'Abruzzo made a clean getaway with a laptop.

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The homeowners told IE: “I’m kinda surprised. I’m surprised he didn’t lunge at him.”

At another house, two big dogs named Sam and Mojo barked at the “burglar,” but they seemed intimidated and eventually backed off.

The test shows that while dogs make great pets, if homeowners really want protection, they're probably better off with an alarm system.

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