Watch Granny Freak Out While Driving A Tesla on Autopilot

Bill Rimmer taped his mom as she screamed behind the wheel of his new car.

The Tesla electric car prides itself on being a marvel of technology but one recent driver wasn't exactly thrilled.  A grandmother's reaction to the autopilot had her looking like she was on the verge of heart failure.   

Video shows a 70-year-old woman freaking out behind the wheel of a Tesla car that was driving itself.

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The woman's son, Bill Rimmer, can be heard laughing as he records his mom's reaction after he activated the autopilot on his new electric powered Tesla Model S.

She screams: “This is so scary! Oh Jesus, this is my first day out and I am about the die!”

What she doesn't know is that she can override the autopilot at any time by either taking the wheel or pressing the brake.

The Tesla is equipped with front and rear cameras, 12 ultra-sonic sensors and radar that automatically steers the car down the highway, changes lanes and even adjusts speed depending on traffic.

All the driver has to do is sit back and enjoy ride - while keeping a watchful eye on the road, of course.

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Automotive expert Lauren Fix told IE: "Once you set your autopilot on a highway, you are supposed to still pay attention and still have your hands ready to go at all times. You are not to have your hands or arms crossed." 

The Tesla Model S sells for over $100,000.

Along with the self-driving feature, the Tesla models can even find a parking space and parallel park into it. 

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