Pregnant Dog Gives Birth To 5 Puppies Only Hours After Being Saved From Euthanasia

Holly gave birth to two female pups and three males.

Just hours after Holly the dog was saved from being euthanized, she gave birth to five healthy pups.

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Dr. Kelli, who works at Vet Ranch in Texas, explained in a video that because shelters often euthanize dogs when they run out of space, pregnant pups are likely to put down first since shelters would be even less able to accommodate the puppies too. 

"She was probably within 24 hours or less of being euthanized," Dr. Kelli said in the video. "We wanted to try to get her out of there before she had the puppies."

With the help of donations, the team at Vet Ranch adopted the pregnant dog and cared for her in the few days leading up to her birth.

In an X-ray of Holly's stomach, Dr. Kelli counted the five puppies about to be born.

Staff worried she would need a C-section, since the male dog she was found with was much larger than her, but Holly had her five puppies seamlessly.

They were moved to a foster immediately. Dr. Kelli said they do not often keep newborns at the shelter because they are more susceptible to disease.

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Days later, Dr. Kelli reported that the two female pups and three male pups were healthy and doing well.

"We weren't just able to save Holly," Dr. Kelli said, "we were able to save Holly and also her five babies."

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