Republicans Are Eyeing Tim Tebow for U.S. Congress Seat: Reports

Tim Tebow expressed an interest in public office recently and GOP officials reportedly think he'd make a dream candidate

Will Tim Tebow's next team be the Republican Party?

It will be if some GOP strategists get their way in northern Florida, where the athlete is reportedly being vetted to replace an outgoing U.S. Congressman from the Jacksonville area, where Tebow has long resided.

Just two weeks ago, the Heisman Trophy winner publicly expressed his desire to one day explore a political career.

That day could be as early as this fall when Florida's 4th District, when 71-year-old Republican Congressman Ander Crenshaw retires.

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Officials reportedly reached out to the former Florida Gators hero about the seat and believe his name recognition, famous Christian values and beloved status in the Sunshine State would make him an ideal candidate.

And conservative website Red Alert Politics has already written an editorial that hopes to "draft Tebow."

"Tebow would never be lost in the crowd, and this would give him an opportunity to lead on issues he is already leading on in his life: fighting poverty, defending homeschoolers, and making traditional values cool again,” the editorial read.

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Despite his popularity, Tebow may not be a shoo in for the district's Republican primary.

According to the Florida Times-Union,  ex Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford has already thrown his hat into the ring. Other potential candidates with deep ties in the district include the city's former mayor John Delaney, and county property appraiser Jerry Holland.

Tebow has just over two months to make his decision. The deadline for entering the August 30 primary is June 24.

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