Gymnast, 11, Thanks Quick-Thinking Coach Who Stopped Life-Threatening Fall

Cadence Tuite's coach jumped into action to stop her falling on her head.

An 11-year-old gymnast is thanking the coach who swooped in and saved her from a potential life-threatening injury.

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The gymnast, Cadence Tuite, was doing a warm-up routine on the uneven bars. She performed a handstand split on the high bar, and, suddenly, her hands slipped.

“It did scare me,” Tuite told INSIDE EDITION.

Her coach stepped in and caught her a split second before she hit the mat headfirst.

Now the coach is being lauded for saving her from a serious injury. 

“I knew I was falling, but when he was rolling with me, I didn't know what was going on,” she said.   

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Her mom, Michelle, was in the stands - and watched what's being called the "best catch ever.”

Michelle told INSIDE EDITION" “I'm so thankful he was there. It happened so fast. I thought it was the mat that was rolled up around her and then I realized it was her coach.” 

Undaunted, Cadence competed in the gymnastics championship in Ontario, Canada, moments later.

Now, Cadence will forever be grateful to her coach.

Cadence told him: “Thanks for catching me!"

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