Ex-White House Gardener Reveals Why He's Selling Hillary Clinton's Old Car

Former White House gardener Mike Lawn bought the car in 2000.

This is your former first lady’s Oldsmobile.

A dark blue 1986 Cutlass Ciera is going up for sale on eBay and it’s believed to be the last car driven by Hillary Clinton.

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Former White House gardener Mike Lawn bought the jalopy at an auction in 2000, when the Clintons left office. Now he wants to sell it to the highest bidder, complete with a pair of Hillary’s sunglasses that were left in the glove compartment, and the car’s registration that shows her signature, and the amount paid for the vehicle: $11,937.28.

Lawn bought the car for his daughter, Nicole, who was turning 16.  

She was excited. Until she actually saw it.

“I was like, ‘Oh, my God, Hillary Clinton’s car, that’s so cool!’’’ she told IE.

But the boxy sedan was not exactly cool-looking. “No offense to Mrs. Clinton, but not my style. A little too old for me,” she said.

So it’s been sitting in Lawn’s garage for the past 16 years.

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“One thing about this car, it’s all mechanical,” Lawn told IE. “You want to get in, you need a key. There’s no remote key entrance,” he said.

There’s no power windows, either. Just the old-fashioned crank knobs.

“It’s been taking up a lot of garage space,” said Lawn’s wife, Joyce. “So I’m happy it’s gonna go to a new home.”

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