Camera Rolls as TV Reporter Helps Motorist Swept Away in Texas Floodwaters

Houston area TV reporter Steve Campion has found himself making the news rather than just covering.

As historic floods inundated the Houston area on Monday, an area TV reporter found himself in the news when a live shot turned potentially dangerous for an unlucky motorist.

Steve Campion, a reporter for KTRK, can be heard setting up a shot with a cameraman in video the station posted before a driver makes straight for floodwaters that appear to be several feet deep.

After a tense moment passes, during which the state of the driver is unclear, a confused man starts to climb out of his sinking black Honda.

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"Dude, you've got to get out of the car. You've got to get out!" Campion yells, before running to the man's aid.

In an interview following the startling incident, Campion told INSIDE EDITION the victim looked absolutely stunned.

"He looked like he was really debating what he was going to do," said Campion, who joined his cameraman in telling the man to swim away.

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The man pushes out from the car into the filthy water and is soon met by Campion, who walks with him to safety. "Seconds later, the car was submerged," Campion told IE.

In the video, the man explains that he didn't realize the floodwater was so deep. "He told us later that it looked like a puddle," Campion said, something he said they hear in Texas time and again.

"That is the ultimate proof you shouldn't chance it," he said.

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