Rescuer Dives Headfirst Into Sewage To Save Drowning Puppy

The puppy was close to death when it was found.

A rescuer gave no thought to himself when he came across a dog trapped in septic waste - and jumped headfirst into sewage to pull the pup out.

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Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers who saved the puppy in India say the animal was just days from drowning when they found it.

"It’s not uncommon here in India to see wells, drains, pits and tanks of one kind or another left open with no barrier or warning signs," Animal Aid Unlimited wrote on its blog. "Any child or animal could fall in and be completely unable to get out on their own."

Animal Aid Unlimited said they received a call about the animal and headed to the drain, where they heard a dog moaning. They captured footage of the puppy's head bobbing up and down in the liquid.

One of the rescuers, Ganpat, dove head first into the open pit, with two men holding him up by the legs. The opening was small and he maneuvered his body to fit through it, eventually rescuing the dog.

The video shows him pulling the pup out of the septic waste, and laying him out on a towel to clean him off.

The rescuers transported the pup to another location, where they checked for wounds and gave the dog stitches and IV fluids.

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Within days, the puppy, once motionless, was seen playing in his cage and eating out of his caretaker's hands.

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