Doctor With Baby-Calming Booty Hold Goes To Africa on Medical Mission

The California doctor with special hold that calms crying babies goes on mission to Africa.

Dr. Robert Hamilton took his amazing baby-calming skills to Tanzania, where he gave medical check-ups to infants and taught his shushing techniques to a roomful of mothers.

The California pediatrician created a viral sensation last year after video was posted online showing his hands-on maneuver that quiets fussing babies.

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“The Hold,” consists of folding a baby’s arms across his or her chest, then picking up the child with one hand firmly holding the infant’s bottom and the other pressing the folded arms. Jiggle lightly.

The physician just returned from Africa, where he goes twice a year on medical missions. He examined several children and demonstrated his booty-shaking move.

“The hold has been the kind of thing I’ve always done,” he told “This is just my little thing … I’ve actually held children like this all over the world.”

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He’s made his African trips for 18 years now.  Earlier, his journeys were to Sierra Leone, during the blood diamond troubles. “They didn’t have medical care for a decade. We walked into a tragic situation (of) neglected people,” he said.

In Tanzania, which is a wealthier country, he saw many healthy babies, he said. “But there’s still a need." 

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