Trump Votes For Himself in New York Primary, Calls It a 'Great Honor'

The Clintons also voted in the New York primary on Tuesday.

Presidential hopefuls were up early on Tuesday to cast their votes in the all-important New York primary.

Speaking outside a voting station at a synagogue near Trump Tower in Manhattan on Tuesday, Donald Trump said selecting a candidate was an "easy decision."

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He called it a "great honor" to be able to vote for himself, the Associated Press reported. He also noted that there had not been any protests as he headed to vote, reminding him that "there's a lot of love in New York," he said.

Thirty miles north, Hillary Clinton headed to the voting booth at the Douglas G. Grafflin Elementary School gymnasium in Chappaqua and joked with reporters: "This is a private ballot!"

With her husband Bill at her side, Clinton said she loved being in New York.

“This has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state and I hope everyone gets out to vote," she said. "I had a great time going around the city in the last couple days. Just seeing a lot of old friends, meeting new people."

She added: "I just urge everybody, please, come out and vote before 9 p.m. tonight.”

Unfortunately for Trump, that doesn't include two of his children.

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Eric and Ivanka Trump are unable to vote for their dad because they failed to register with the Republican Party in time to cast their ballots.

Clinton will be going head-to-head with Bernie Sanders, who was born in Brooklyn. In recent polls, she has been ahead by double digits.

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