Baby Remains Found Under Home Where Mom Says Daughter Had Many Pregnancies: Report

The woman told police her daughter has been pregnant about "10 times" that she is aware of, but only knows the whereabouts of three children.

Multiple bags of human child remains were found under a North Carolina house, where a woman told officers she believes her daughter has given birth many times but cannot account for the children, police said.

Pamela McBride told investigators that her son discovered three trash bags under her Hartley Drive home in Smithfield as he was trying to run a cable beneath the structure on Saturday, according to a warrant obtained by ABC11 Raleigh-Durham.

After he finished his work, McBride’s son opened the bags that he had moved and realized human remains were inside. His mother called police, who reportedly confirmed the remains belonged to an infant and included what appeared to be a newborn’s foot.

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McBride told investigators she believes her daughter, who has battled drug addiction and occasionally stays at the home, has been pregnant about “10 times” that she is aware of, but only knows the whereabouts of three children, the TV station reported.

The woman became pregnant as a teenager and gave the child up for adoption, and has since had a 7-year-old daughter and 8-month-old son, of whom McBride has custody, the warrant said.

McBride said her daughter has been “obviously pregnant” several times in the past, but would deny it and wear oversized hoodies to conceal her growing bumps, leaving the home for several weeks at a time and only returning after she “obviously had delivered the baby,” according to the warrant.

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But the woman would allegedly never mention where the children were, McBride said.

In an incident about 12 to 15 years ago, the daughter allegedly told McBride she had gone into labor while traveling on the interstate and drove to the nearest hospital, gave birth and left the infant there.

And in 2005, the woman was at her grandmother’s home where she locked herself in the bathroom for hours with the bathwater running, finally making her way to a bedroom with a trail of blood following her.

It was unclear what happened to the apparently newborn baby in that incident as well, ABC11 wrote. 

The investigation into the findings is ongoing. 

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