Sofia Vergara's Husband Joe Manganiello Reportedly Hospitalized for Appendicitis

Joe Manganiello was hospitalized after his appendix burst, according to reports.

Sofia Vergara's husband Joe Manganiello has reportedly been hospitalized for appendicitis after his appendix burst.

Manganiello, who appeared in both “Magic Mike” movies, reportedly had emergency surgery

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The medical crisis comes just six months after the couple got married in Palm Beach, Florida, during a ceremony dubbed the wedding of the year.

Meanwhile, Vergara’s ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, is speaking out - telling INSIDE EDITION that he barely took notice of the ceremony 

Asked if her wedding was painful for him, Loeb said, “I don't really look at magazines and the tabloids. I don't watch a lot of TV. I heard it happened. I didn't really pay attention.”

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The court battle over two frozen embryos that Loeb and Vergara created when they were a couple is expected to start in June.

“I am fighting for essentially what's mine,” said Loeb.

Vergara wants to leave the embryos where they are, Loeb wants to implant them in a surrogate and become a father.

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