Philly Flyers Tribute Turns Ugly When Fans Chuck Bracelets Onto Ice

A tribute to the Flyers' owner, Ed Snider, who passed away, took an ugly turn.

It was chaos on Monday night in Philadelphia as fans shut down a hockey game.

Light-up bracelets were left on every seat for 20,000 fans at a Flyers game - all part of a tribute to the team's legendary owner, Ed Snider, who died last week at age 83.

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Every bracelet lit up before the game.

But the tribute turned ugly as the visiting Washington Capitals began leading the scoring. 

Fans started throwing the bracelets onto the ice. The bracelets were hard to see on the ice.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Hold those wristbands in your hands. Show some class. This is Philly,” said the announcer, pleading with fans to stop.

“Do not throw them on the ice,” he said.

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One fan's rude response? “No!”

Both sides implored the fans to stop as players got pelted. 

Mike Sielski, a sports reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, told INSIDE EDITION that this could be the end of fan giveaways at Flyer games.

It lead to a pretty embarrassing moment for Philly fans, to act like this on this particular night, when the evening was focused on Ed Snider. I think it was particularly egregious,” he said.

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