Open Windows, Swim Feet First: Expert Tips to Escape Raging Water

A safety expert offers life-saving tips to help you get out of a flood safely.

With flood waters rising in Houston, a safety expert is offering life-saving tips to help you get out of raging waters safely.

AAA’s Robert Sinclair told INSIDE EDITION that if you see rising water, don't drive through it.

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“It can take just one foot of moving water to move a vehicle and carry it away,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

If your car becomes submerged, open your windows so the car fills with water and you can swim out.

And if you have to get out of your car, swim feet first, he said. "You want to keep your feet headed in the direction that you're going," he said.

“If you strike any objects it's better to do it with your feet, rather than your upper body, your torso or your head, where you can be knocked unconscious."

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Citizen reporters have taken to social media to record the epic disaster. One family held hands for safety as they waded into the dangerous water.

On Monday, a video emerged showing a university professor swimming for his life after leaving his car.

Horses are among the many victims of the floods. In one video, a horse trainer fights the current to guide her horse to safety. More than 70 horses were rescued from the raging waters.

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