Trump Wins NY But Loses Manhattan, The Home of Trump Tower

The GOP frontrunner also sounds like he is changing his tone to appear more presidential.

Donald Trump sounded a bit more presidential the day after his massive win in the New York Primaries on Tuesday night.

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Incredibly, Trump swept every congressional district in the state except for one --- he lost the Manhattan district that includes Trump Tower by 70 votes to John Kasich.

During his victory speech, there were no digs at "Lyin' Ted" Cruz and the GOP frontrunner was positively mellow compared to the angry, feisty Trump people saw on the campaign trail.

Trump's victory speech lasted a mere eight minutes, which is short compared to his other post-victory diatribes.

During his speech, he praised his team and said “they are evolving.” He also discussed how the “great business people” he knows will help bring jobs back to the State of New York and the country instead of going abroad.

He closed his speech emphatically repeating how much he loved New York and what the victory meant for him.

New York Republicans seem to love Trump. He won 89 of the state's 92 delegates, leaving just three to John Kasich and zero for Ted Cruz.

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And it was a big night for Hillary Clinton who had a double digit victory over Bernie Sanders.

Sanders flew back home to Vermont for a much needed day off from the campaign trail. His campaign is demanding an answer to reports that more than 100,000 names mysteriously disappeared from voting registration records in Brooklyn.

At a campaign event at Penn State University on Tuesday, Sanders said: "It is absurd that in Brooklyn, New York -- where I was born, actually -- tens of thousands of people as I understand it, have been purged from the voting rolls."

In an email to CNN, Sanders spokesperson Karthik Ganapathy called the situation at the polls in the state “a disgrace.”

"From long lines and dramatic understaffing to longtime voters being forced to cast affidavit ballots and thousands of registered New Yorkers being dropped from the rolls, what's happening today is a disgrace," he said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was furious that there was a so-called purge of voters.

In a statement, he said: “The perception that numerous voters may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process and must be fixed.”

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