Is Kelly Ripa Refusing to Return to Work Until Michael Strahan Has Left?

The host is apparently 'livid' that Michael Strahan is leaving the show.

Kelly Ripa did not show up to her own show on Wednesday morning following the news that her Live! co-host Michael Strahan is leaving to go to Good Morning America.

The is reporting that she is refusing to return to work. The website is claiming that multiple sources at ABC said she is “refusing to turn up to work until Strahan leaves the show.”

A source told that "Kelly told ABC she wasn't coming in last night. They don’t know yet when she'll be back."

Her co-hosting duties were filled by SNL alum Ana Gastayer for the morning broadcast.

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Strahan told the audience and viewers at home that the news was true. In September he will be leaving to go to GMA. He thanked many people but did not initially express gratitude to Ripa.

It bolstered published reports that claim Ripa was "blindsided" by the news and was "livid."

According to reports, Strahan broke the news to Ripa and the show's Executive Producer Michael Gelman right after Tuesday’s show, just a few minutes before ABC announced he will be part of the GMA team full time.

As the show was wrapping up on Wednesday, Strahan spoke again about leaving and remembered to thank Ripa.

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“I didn’t say it earlier, but of course, I want to thank Kelly. She has been an amazing influence on me and this has changed my life,” he said.

Ripa will now be looking for a new co-host and some top contenders have already emerged including: Neal Patrick Harris, Jeff Probst, Anderson Cooper and her own husband, Mark Consuelos.

LA Times media reporter Stephen Battaglio told IE: "Over time she'll realize this is business - and Disney has made a business decision about moving Michael to GMA. If she sits down and thinks about it, once again it’s going to bring new attention to the show."

He added: “The great thing is that there's gonna be a bake-off and a lot of interest on who she connects with, who will replace Michael in the chair.”

Ripa is being blasted for her reaction to Strahan’s exit.

ESPN radio host Jon Weiner mocked her on his show on Wednesday, saying: “She is so upset that she was not made aware of the news and the fact that Strahan is leaving after four years that she didn’t show up to work today. She makes $36,000 an hour!”

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