New Dash Camera Shows David Cassidy DUI Arrest Footage

New video shows former teen idol David Cassidy getting pulled over on a Florida highway.

Cassidy struggles to balance on one foot and tells cops he's old and can't hear their instructions over the sound of traffic.

The former Partridge Family star of the 1970's seems to have an excuse for everything.  When he's asked to stand straight and look up at the sky, he says he's got a bad back.

The cop asks, "What's wrong with your back?"

"I've had a lot of back problems over the years," Cassidy replies.

When they ask him to follow a pen light with his eyes, he says he's got a wandering eye.

"I had a wandering eye as a child. Now give me one because I'm so left eye dominant," he says.  

And why does he reek of cologne?

The cop asks, "What kind of cologne are you wearing?"

"It's horrible, I know," he replies.

"Is that Old Spice or something?" the cop asks.

"(Expletive) No!," Cassidy exclaims.

When cops check out Cassidy's Mercedes they find a "half empty bottle of Kentucky Bourbon."

They have one final set of instructions.

"Stand just like this. You are being arrested for DUI," the cop says.

Cassidy has plead not guilty to the charges but reportedly said he had taken some prescription painkillers the day he was pulled over by cops.