Jewish Acapella Group Does Passover Parody of 'Thriller': 'Cause This Is Seder'

"What's better than seeing a bunch of Jewish kids doing a Michael Jackson 'Thriller' dance and singing about Passover?"

Preparing for Passover, but have no idea where to start?

Thanks to the Y-Studs at Yeshiva University, no Jewish tradition will go uncelebrated this holiday.

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In an attempt to shine a spotlight on different Seder customs in an energetic twist, the Jewish acapella group decided to do a remake of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

"What's better than seeing a bunch of Jewish kids doing a Michael Jackson Thriller dance and singing about Passover, while wearing Egyptian costumes?" laughed Jason Katz, the president of the Y-Studs.

"We wanted to take people through what a Passover Seder's like," Katz told, "portion by portion, so people can understand what they can expect out of Seder."

They open the video sitting around the table, where they break the middle matzah and dip their greens into salt water. They raise their glasses for the kiddush, and skip the blessing before they wash their hands.

But all the while practicing their traditions, the 12 men of Y-Studs grooved to a rendition of Thriller.

"We wanted to make it more appropriate than the Michael Jackson dance," Katz explained to, particularly pointing attention to the hip thrusts. "We had a couple guys in the group that are more religious than others, and not comfortable with the dance, so we modified it a bit."

Because the acapella group had limited experience in dance and film, they enlisted the help of an outside choreographer and filmographer, but kept the lyric writing strictly within the Jewish acapella community.

"We were very careful about how we went about it," Katz said. "We didn't want to offend anybody, but at the same time, we wanted to describe everything."

Through various holidays and school work, the Y-Studs spent three to four months creating different versions of the song, drawing storyboards, and doing dance rehearsals until the final product came to fruition.

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Katz told that ultimately, they are happy with with the final product: "We're very high energy. We want people to feel the energy, and the love of religion that we have."

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