Meet The Real Life 'Babe': Olive The Pig Is Friends With Chickens and Dogs

Meet Olive, the real life "Babe," and star of a small farm in Sydney.

Meet Olive, the real life "Babe," and star of this small Sydney farm.

She shares a home with four chickens, three goats and three dogs, and is often seen spending the day grazing with the chickens, or snoozing with the pups.

While the other farm animals live in their own enclosure, the Australian miniature pig shares a house with a British Bulldog, a French Bulldog, a Boston Terrier, and the Childs family.

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Her owner, Alissa Childs, told they brought Olive to their home as a piglet.

She wears a ring in her snout, which was fitted by the vet before Childs brought her home. Childs said the ring keeps Olive from digging too aggressively and allows her to live at home with the dogs, instead of in the enclosure with the goats.

"She would be distressed if she had to be in a paddock whilst we are out," Childs told "Olive loves spending time with the dogs."

From when the Childs adopted Olive, the pig and the dogs immediately got along.

Childs said even though Lola the French Bulldog did not get along with any of the other animals on the acreage, she and the pig had a "special bond" from the start.

"When Olive was a baby, Lola mothered her," Childs said. "They all play and snooze together, [but] in the beginning, it was just Lola."

On Alissa Childs' Instagram, Olive can be seen snoozing with Tilly the British Bulldog, and digging with Alphonse the Boston Terrier.

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One of Olive's favorite activities also includes taking long walks alongside the dogs.

"Olive doesn't even need a lead, she will never leave ours or the dogs' side," Childs told "[She] will follow us to Timbuktu if she had to!"

While some pig owners are fooled into buying phony "teacup pigs," Childs said she fully expects the mini pig to continue growing. Now almost 9 months, Olive will grow to at least 100 pounds when she reaches full maturity, Childs said.

To keep her small enough to stay in the house, Childs said they feed Olive a specialized, vegan diet: "We have to be careful with Olive; she would eat any food she could find, and if she eats the wrong food, she could grow even bigger!"

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