Jenny Sanford Speaks Out About Her Husband's Infidelity

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford publicly admitted to being unfaithful to his wife, Jenny. Now, Jenny is speaking out about her ordeal. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's another shocking revelation from Jenny Sanford's interview with Barbara Walters.

Jenny Sanford describes an unimaginable moment for any woman. Her husband, disgraced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, had just told the world that he cheated on her. Then he had the nerve to call her, asking her to rate his performance.

Walters asked,  "What did you say?"

"I said, 'How'd you do, are you kidding?' You talk about days crying for her, with her, and you hardly said anything about the boys or I.' The whole thing was surreal," said Jenny.

And listen to this new detail from Jenny's account of her disintegrating marriage. Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos asked Barbara Walters, "Governor Sanford actually nagged Jenny for permission to see mistress?"

Walters replied, "Yeah, in New York, and you know what? She agreed."

There's lot of reaction to Jenny Sanford's new book, Staying True, which hit bookstores today, and some people are questioning Jenny's own judgment in marrying Sanford in the first place.

The Washington Post asks why she didn't react to red flags early in her relationship. "From the very start, you want to scream to Jenny, 'No, don't do it! Don't marry the jerk!' "

Jenny's decision not to stand by her man in the wake of his cheating scandal, unlike some other political wives, continues to earn praise. In her big interview she shows remarkable candor and strength.

Walters asked, "Mark called his mistress his soul mate. Did that break your heart?" asked Walters.

"Yes," replied Jenny.

Walters continued, "Did he ever call you his soul mate?"

"Not to my knowledge," said Jenny.

Walters asked her, "Do you blame yourself?"

"You know, no. I don't really blame myself," replied Jenny.