After 87-Year-Old Man Passes Out While Mowing the Lawn, Kind EMT Finishes The Job

But the hero EMT says it's all in a day's work.

An EMT in California helped care for an elderly patient who fell -- but that's not where his services stopped.

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After the 87-year-old man passed out while mowing his lawn on Saturday, EMT Chris Spires finished off the job.

His kindness came to light when the elderly man's son, Ken Densley, shared a photo of Spires at work to Facebook.

"My dad, born in 1929, won't let us mow his lawn," he wrote. "He pushed too hard today and passed out. The neighbors saw and called 911."

Spires and fellow EMT Jared Gunter, who work for American Medical Response, responded to the home in Lincoln. The man initially refused to go to hospital and soon after, Densley and his sister arrived on the scene.

"While we were [taking] him back inside one of the EMTs put the gurney away and the other finished mowing the lawn!" Densley wrote. "I told him I would do that but he insisted!"

Speaking to, the EMTs said they decided to mow the lawn after the patient refused to go to hospital.

“It started as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek bargaining chip. ‘If you're going to stay home, we're going to finish mowing your lawn,’” the duo said in an email to

So after checking with dispatch to make sure they were not needed elsewhere, Spires took the lawnmower and began cutting.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do. It is such an easy task, it would only take a second and the family did not need to worry about it," they said.

While the kind gesture is making headlines, it's all in a day's work for Spires and Gunter.

“We do things for patients all the time that may not be considered medical care," they said. "We frequently will make a meal for a diabetic patient. We've fed and arranged for pets to be cared for while their human heads to the hospital."

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The duo has not been in touch with the patient, but says they would not hesitate to do something like this again and would “absolutely” go back and mow the man’s lawn again if needed.

“It’s the right thing to do," they said.

(Photo By Thor Crain)

In a statement to, AMR said: “We are proud of our caregivers. They save lives everyday but sometimes it’s the small stuff that has nothing to do with medicine that makes for the best clinicians.”

On Facebook, Densley said that his father eventually agreed to go to the hospital later that day. He was kept overnight for tests but is doing well.

"He was discharged last night and we just got back from a follow up visit with his doctor and he's doing great," Densley wrote. 

"He has also promised to let us mow the lawn from now on! Also, for those who made the suggestion, he already has a great riding lawn mower, but got this one last year so he could get more exercise!"

The EMTs and AMR say: "Anytime you feel faint working in the hot weather, stop doing what you are doing, move to the shade or air conditioning, sit down, drink cool water and make sure someone is with you and or call 911 for help."

For more tips, visit AMR's website.

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