Ted Cruz Lookalike Says She Hasn't Even Heard Of Him

Viewers compared Searcy Hayes to the presidential candidate after she appeared on "Maury."

Searcy Hayes became an overnight sensation after she appeared on Maury earlier this week.

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Viewers began to notice she had a close resemblance to Ted Cruz. Now, she is breaking her silence to say she has never heard of the GOP candidate before becoming an internet sensation. 

"The only one I have heard of was Donald Trump," she told IE. "I never heard of Ted Cruz until just the other day." 

Surprisingly, the 21-year-old from Mississippi also says she doesn't think she looks anything like him.

"Me looking at it, no," she said. "Look at his face and look at me. His nose and his chin are shaped different than what mine are." 

Hayes says with everyone pointing out the resemblance, she wonders whether she and Cruz are related. She told IE she would like a DNA test to see if she could be a relative of the politician. 

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"If I am [related], I would like to build a relationship," she said. "If we are not, I want everybody to put it on hold and just stop." 

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