Mom-To-Be Baffles Her Grandparents By Using 'The Whisper Challenge' To Announce Pregnancy

Toni Paolilo's grandfather finally guessed the phrase: "You are great-grandparents!"


After playing "The Whisper Challenge" with their granddaughter, Gloria and Dan found out something they want to shout loud and clear.

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They are about to become great-grandparents.

A video shows their hilarious reactions when their granddaughter, Toni Paolillo, used the game -- in which players try to deduce what someone else is whispering -- to reveal her big news.

Paolillo, from New Jersey, told that she, her husband Mike and her grandparents were sitting around the table one night after dinner when she suggested they play The Whisper Challenge, as popularized by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

"My family loves playing board games," Paolilo explained. "They're younger grandparents, they're always up for a game."

Paolilo gave Gloria and Dan headphones and turned up the volume. She then started whispering sentences for them to guess, and each time they got the correct answer, she would show them a card with the phrase written on it.

After several rounds of the game, Toni tried to reveal the big news. But the grandparents just couldn't get the right answer.

"Do you want spinach? You are crazy, grandma?" They guessed.

When Dan finally guessed the phrase "You are great-grandparents," Paolilo showed them the card -- but rather than bearing a sentence, it showed a sonogram of their baby.

"What?!" Dan exclaimed, after guessing the phrase correctly.

Though Gloria had yet to reach the answer, the video captures her screaming in shock at the picture.

"They're so excited by to be great-grandparents," the 28-year-old said. "They never thought they'd have the opportunity to be great-grandparents."

Paolilo said she is the first in the family to give them a great-grandchild. She said the occasion was so special that she thought of a different surprise for each member of the family, from custom T-shirts to cakes with the words "Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa" written in frosting.

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Paolilo and her husband hope to have a collection of pregnancy announcement videos to show their baby, who is due September 19.

"We wanted to show the baby how excited everybody is," she said.

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