Kindergartner Says No Thanks to Birthday Presents, Asks for Donations To Save Sea Turtles

Six-year-old Jasper Rose turns down birthday presents to save endangered sea turtles.

Jasper Rose didn't want presents for his sixth birthday. He wanted money. So he could save endangered sea turtles.

"He let everyone know he didn't want any presents," his mom, Ananda, told "So all of his friends from school, instead of giving him some crappy $15 toy, they gave him the money instead."

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Between family and friends, Rose raised $550, which he donated Friday to the New England Aquarium to help rescue sea turtles. He also got to feed Myrtle, the 90-year-old turtle, some lettuce and green goodies.

"Jasper is over the moon," his mom said. "It was really fantastic. He had a great day." He even made a little speech as handed over an envelope of cash, and was interviewed by local print and TV reporters.

Ananda isn't sure why her young son is so taken with protecting the environment  and saving sea turtles.

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"He's just really into it. I can't tell you why. For his birthday, he really wanted to help the sea turtles." He came up with the idea of asking for donations instead of presents on his birthday, which was April 2.

Jasper has been going to the aquarium with his parents since he was three. He asked his mother to read him books about sea life. 

When he grows up, he wants to be a marine biologist.

"He's a very smart boy," his mother said.

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