2-Month-Old Kitten Naps, Bathes and Snuggles With Her Pit Bull Best Friend

When the 6-year-old pit bull first met the weeks old kitten, their owner said that he was gentle and hesitant: "He knew immediately how delicate she was."

Bubba and Rue, a pit bull and kitten duo, prove that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Owner Becca Pizello, an LA native, said she was just a sophomore in college when she rescued Bubba from a Phoenix shelter as a puppy.

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"Bubba is the perfect example of a sweet, gentle and loving pup," Pizello told InsideEdition.com. "He's been the most mellow guy since I got him."

Almost immediately after rescue, Pizello discovered that her new pit bull was a real cat-lover.

"About a week after taking in Bubba, my roommate had rescued a litter of kittens that had to be bottle fed until old enough for adoption," Pizello told IE.com. "Since then, Bubba has had an endless affection for cats."

In the following years, Pizello only contemplated adopting a cat as a companion for her dog before she took this dive in January.

She spent weeks applying for a baby kitten from Brooklyn Animal Action, until she finally got a call that Rue, who "stood out like no other," was ready to be picked up.

When the pit bull first met the weeks old kitten, she said that he was gentle and hesitant: "For the first few hours, he would lay his head on my lap watching Rue climb all over me. He knew immediately how delicate she was."

They rapidly warmed up to each other and became best of friends, as proven by their joint Instagram account. Pizello said they often nap together, and when Rue can't sleep, the kitten takes the chance to climb all over the sleeping pit bull's body.

The two are so close that Rue even thinks Bubba is her mom, Pizello said, calling the kitten a "little duckling, trying to replicate everything he does."

The kitten follows Bubba as she learns to run, and watching him as he eats. Pizello even said that to imitate the bigger animal, Rue will try to drink out of Bubba's water bowl, "practically falling in."

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"If they aren’t intertwined in each other napping, they are being goofy rolling around on the floor or couch," Pizello said about their bond.

"They instantly connected and are now inseparable," she added.

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