Woman Fatally Hit By Train While In Search of Legendary Half-Man Half-Goat

Roquel Bain, 26, of Dayton, Ohio was on the Pope Lick Creek train trestle in search of a legendary goatman.

An Ohio woman visiting Kentucky was killed by a train Saturday while she was in search of legendary monster.

Roquel Bain of Dayton was crossing the trestle over Pope Lick Creek in Louisville in search of the Pope Lick monster, a half-man half-goat that's fabled to come out only as you cross the tracks. 

But a train came as Bain was crossing and she wasn't able to get to safety in time.

Bain died of multiple blunt force injuries suffered in the collision and subsequent fall from the trestle, Deputy Coroner Jack Arnold told WAVE

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Arnold said Bain and her boyfriend were visiting Louisville to take a "haunted" tour of an old sanitarium in the area.

Before their tour, he said they set out in search of the "Pope Lick Monster."

That's when the train took them by surprise, according to Arnold. The couple first tried to dangle off the side of the trestle, but the boyfriend reportedly said Bain wasn't fast enough.

The coroner estimated that Bain fell between 80 to 100 feet. Her boyfriend survived uninjured.

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The goat-man creature is believed to live beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle over Pope Lick Creek.

The legend has reportedly turned the site into a popular spot for thrill-seekers, however the frequency of train traffic across the trestle makes crossing dangerous. 

While there appears to be no official count of deaths related to cross the trestle, authorities maintain multiple people have become real victims of the imaginary monster over the years.

Crossing the tracks is reportedly illegal. The trestle is on private property and thrill-seekers can be charged with trespassing.

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