Dad of Daughter Killed in Ohio Massacre Says He Thinks Victims Knew Their Killer

Leonard Manley broke down in sobs as he spoke about his slain loved ones.

Leonard Manley, who lost a daughter and three grandchildren in the execution-style massacre of eight people in rural Ohio says the main emotion he feels right now is anger.

"I'm angry. I'm really angry," he told IE. The killer or killers had to have known his family, he said, to have been able to get so close to the victims - and to get around guard dogs kept by his relatives.

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He also broke down in sobs talking about the victims.

"Whoever done it knowed the family," Manley said. "Cause those dogs would have eaten them up."

They "had to be around those dogs a lot," or perhaps they drugged the animals, he said. 

The victims were shot in the head, and several were in bed, sleeping, authorities said. All but one were members of the Rhoden family, and their bodies were found last week in four separate locations in a rural area of Pike County. 

Authorities said marijuana was being grown at three of the sites. The victims have been identified as: Christopher Rhoden, Sr., 40; his 16-year-old son, Christopher Rhoden, Jr.; 44-year-old Kenneth Rhoden; 38-year-old Gary Rhoden; 37-year-old Dana Rhoden; 19-year-old Hanna Rhoden; 20-year-old Clarence 'Frankie' Rhoden; and his fiancée, 20-year-old Hannah Gilley.

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Police have warned Rhoden family members in the surrounding area to arm themselves and to be extremely cautious. Authorities have said little about suspects or motives in the grisly murders. 

Authorities aren't sure if there is more than one killer, they said. A massive search is underway.

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