Two Sets Of Ducklings Are Rescued From Storm Drains By Law Enforcement In The Same Day

In a heroic morning of rescues, law enforcement agencies from across the country responded to multiple reports of ducklings falling down the drain.

In a morning of heroic rescues, law enforcement agencies 1,500 miles apart responded to reports of ducklings falling down drains.

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On Monday, the Oklahoma City Fire Department sent one firefighter into a storm drain to save ducklings that had accidentally fallen in. The men on the receiving end at street level ran the babies back to their duck family waiting nearby.

As if to put the firefighter in the ducklings shoes, the team can be seen jokingly closing the grate on the man still in the drain in a video the Oklahoma City Fire Department uploaded to Facebook.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, police officers were alerted to nine ducklings who had walked over a storm drain, and slipped right through the cracks.

Two of the ducklings, as well as the mother and father duck, waited patiently for the Hackettstown Police Department, with the assistance of the Hackettstown Department of Public Works, to rescue the animals from being flushed away.

The second rescue almost led to a third, when one of the rescued ducklings accidentally slipped through the cracks upon being pulled out.

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"The ducklings all appeared to be unharmed," Hackettstown Police Department reported on their Facebook.

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