Meet Beryl, The 9-Month-Old Cow That Broke Into a Home and Made Herself Comfortable

Australian ranch owner Sally Blacklock returned home to find the cow snuggling on the living room.

Intruder alert!

When Australian ranch owner Sally Blacklock left her door open to run errands, she returned home to an unexpected sight.

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"I carried in the groceries from the car - I walked past the lounge room and dumped them in the kitchen," Blacklock wrote on Facebook. "On my way out again, I noticed that something was a 'little' out of the ordinary."

Snuggled up on the living room rug was Beryl, her 9-month-old cow.

Beryl, who Blacklock says is a heifer and not a cow because she has never birthed a calf, was orphaned at two days old. Her mother passed away so it was up to the Blacklocks to bottle feed the calf themselves.

The family kept her indoors, raising her alongside the Blacklocks' two house dogs. Growing up, the calf was accustomed to regular belly rubs, scratches behind the ears, and even snuggling up with her owners.

As she grew bigger, Beryl transitioned to living outdoors but, as shown in the photo, she isn't fully at home in the wilderness.

"She's extremely cheeky, so if we leave a door open she quickly tries to get inside," Blacklock told, adding that although Beryl is weaned off the calf milk, she knows exactly which drawer the Blacklocks keep it in in the house.

"Apart from that, she has wonderful manners," Blacklock said.

On Beryl's Facebook page, she can be seen taking walks with the dogs, picnicking with the Blacklocks and even riding shot gun when the family goes to town.

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"She does display some very dog-like characteristics," she told, writing on Facebook that Beryl even lifts her hind leg so she can get the perfect belly rub.

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