Family of Mom Killed in Church Pleads With Her Killer: 'You Know Who You Are'

Missy Bevers' mother-in-law also asked the killer's friends to turn them in.

The family of the fitness coach who was brutally murdered inside a Dallas-area church earlier this month is speaking out in an open letter to the killer.

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The mother-in-law of 45-year-old Missy Bevers, who was killed as she prepared for an early morning fitness class, took to Facebook to ask those who know the killer to come forward.  

“You know who you are. Your husband, wife and family members know who you are. They know your special walk. Right now, they're as guilty as you are by not coming forward,”  Marsha Tucker wrote. “Please come forward. Give yourself peace. Give our family some peace. Give honor back to your family.”

Tucker appealed to the masses in the hopes that if the killer won't come forward, someone who knows the killer will after seeing the letter.

“They know who this person is. They know how their walk is, their mannerisms, they know it and nobody is coming forward,” Tucker said. 

Police believe Bevers' attacker has an unusual gait and was caught on surveillance video roaming the church wearing police swat gear. Bevers' sister-in-law, Kristi Stout, said she believes the killer was waiting for her to arrive.

“Most burglars would get in there and get out. This person, when you watch the video, they took their time like they were maybe even staging a set-up to look like a burglary,” she said.

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Bevers' funeral was on Saturday. Cops kept a close eye on mourners to see if they could identify anyone with this unusual gait.

“I just ask everybody to do your part and study the video over and over again and be aware," Stout said. "Don't let Missy's story fade away.”

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