Shopping Rage Incidents Increasing During Holiday Season

The combination of the stress of the holiday season and the bad economy is leading to more and more incidents of shopping rage. INSIDE EDITION reports.

An amazing meltdown in a department store was caught on video. A woman lost it in the check-out line and had to be restrained by store personnel.   

It happened in Wisconsin. The shopper was reportedly caught jumping the check-out line with a cart full of purchases.

When she was told she had to go to the back of the line, she lost her cool.

"Because of the economic stress and the stress of the holiday season, we're seeing more and more of this," shopping expert Kathryn Finney tells INSIDE EDITION.

It's called shopping rage. The crowds, the crush, and the frenzied rush for bargains can trigger disturbing scenes, like a stampede into a store in Buffalo, New York on Black Friday.

A man was almost crushed as shoppers climbed over him to reach the flat screen TVs on sale at Target.

There was another chaotic scene at a Wal-Mart in Texas as hundreds of shoppers pushed, scrambled, and clawed for bargains. What was all the fuss over? A $9 crock pot!

"We see people fighting with each other, knocking down displays, yelling at employees. This is an indication of the stress that people are under in other parts of their lives, and then bringing it into the retail environment," Finney explains.

At another store, a bare knuckle fight erupted in the line for a videogame system!  

"These sort of actions bring a downward note to what should be a very happy season," says Finney.