Kittens Covered in Permanent Marker Rescued From Home Are Dubbed 'Smurf' and 'Shrek'

A pair of 4-week-old kittens were rescued from a UK home when they were discovered covered in blue and green ink.

A pair of young kittens have been rescued from a home in Britain after authorities found them covered in blue and green permanent marker.

The kittens were reportedly removed from a West Yorkshire home and handed to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue by police on Monday.

While the kittens were each given a cute name, rescuers say that little Smurf and Shrek are victims of abuse.

"This is a dreadful act of cruelty and who knows what ... damage this may have caused," BCWR's Katie Jane Lloyd posted to Facebook.

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Lloyd posted many photos of the kittens, both covered in ink over their white fur. 

In a second update, Lloyd wrote:

"Well the kittens have had their 1st bath and some of the ink has come off however we are being extremely cautious around the face area as the ink does smell noxious... alikened to the smell of permanent marker."

The photos show the bathwater had turned bright green.

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According to Lloyd, the police were on the property for another animal welfare issue involving a dog when they found the cats. The kittens' mother was not found.

Police said they don't think children were responsible for the permanent marker abuse, according to reports. 

Luckily, Lloyd said she's spoken with a veterinarian and recieved information about how to treat the cats. 

Meanwhile, Smurf and Shrek have had another bath and bottles of milk and are now going to settle down for a little rest, Lloyd posted.

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