Firefighters Rescue 7-Year-Old Boy Who Fell Into A Well While Playing Near Construction Site

The well was reportedly 42-feet deep and only 16 inches at its widest point.

In a daring rescue, firefighters descended a narrow, 42-feet-deep well to rescue a 7-year-old boy who had fallen in.

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The boy and his friends were playing near a construction site in the Henan Province in central China on Monday evening when he took a tumble and plunged down the hole.

His panicked friends caught the attention of on-site workers, who immediately called the police, according to CCTV.

Firefighters arrived on the scene within minutes and quickly located the boy. They also discovered that the opening of the well was only approximately 16 inches at its widest point.

The boy's distant cries from the bottom of the well can be heard in footage of the rescue.

"Nothing's wrong," a firefighter can be heard yelling to him in reassurance. "Coming down right away."

Firefighters then lowered Chen Yong -- whom CCTV reported to be the more slender of the rescue team -- to save the boy.

Chen Yong, equipped with a safety belt and rescue rope, descended the well as the team above said to each other: "Let him down slowly."

When Chen Yong located the boy, he secured the rope around his arms and the rest of the rescue team lifted them both out.

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Approximately 30 minutes after the 7-year-old's fall, he was back on the ground and sent to the hospital.

Doctors said he only suffered minor injuries to his feet.

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